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Medieval Viking Bit "Loki"

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Medieval Viking Bit "Loki"
Are you looking for a tougher bit that immediately gives a medieval or viking feel to your harness?

The full cheek not only ensures that the bit is friendly and clear to the horse, not only is the bit friendly and clear to the horse because of the full cheeks, but bits like this were already used by the Vikings! And not surprising: a gag snaffle is very stable in the mouth, and the pressure is not only distributed in the mouth, but also over the cheeks. The Vikings also liked to ride without a noseband, and a toggle ensures that the bit cannot be pulled through the mouth.

Just like the Norse god Loki, this bit can go either way. The toggles are simpler but larger than those of his brother Thor, and therefore this bit will not look out of place on almost any bridle!

Maybe you like to imagine yourself in the Viking age and want a bit that fits your equipment, but even if you don't see yourself galloping across the fields with a sword at the ready, this is for you: it can give any type of bridle just that little bit give extra.

  • Single jointed toggle snaffle, the top toggles are slightly bent
  • 13.5cm
  • Made of brass
  • The bit is hollow inside so that it is not too heavy but is nice and light in the mouth
  • Handmade in Hungary

The "Loki" bit comes very close to real finds from the Middle Ages due to its material, shape, and handmade appearance, making this bit also very suitable for reenactment.

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We recommend that you store the harness in a dry and clean place.