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Bridle "Lionheart"

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Bridle "Lionheart"

The bridle from the "Lionheart" set! The lion symbolizes courage, pride, and royal dignity, making it a common symbol in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. No matter what adventure you embark on, the lion proudly leads the way. With its hidden ring in the middle, the straps of the breastplate can rotate freely, allowing for a perfect fit on various horses and saddles.

  • Made from supple, wide leather with silver or gold buckles and ornaments
  • Full size, fits a bit larger

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Breastplate "Lionheart"

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Care Information

All our bridles and breastplates are made of supple leather. Leather is a natural product, which means that every product is never exactly the same, especially colors other than black may differ slightly from each other.

Leather is best cared for by cleaning it every now and then and greasing it with special leather care products. By first cleaning the leather with special leather soap, you remove dirt, skin grease and sweat. Then you can treat the bridle or breastplate with leather grease or leather balm so that it remains nice and supple.
We recommend that you store the harness in a dry and clean place.